Build Your First
Home Recording Studio

home recording studio

The Ultimate Guide for setting up a home recording studio
(in 12 articles)

home recording studio equipment, mics and studio monitors

1. Start here
If you need to figure out how to make broadcast quality recordings at home, click here.

best computer for music production

2. Choosing a computer
At the heart of a recording studio is a computer, but which one do you need?

best DAW software

3. Choosing DAW software
There’s many types of software for producing music. Which one suits your way of working?

best audio interface for mics, phantom power and instruments

4. The audio interface
A little box plugs into your computer, which processes the sound coming in and out.

condenser mics and dynamic mics for vocals and instruments in the studio

5. Choosing a microphone
There’s a few different types of microphones to consider, each with their own pros and cons.

best studio monitors

6. Which studio monitors?
This depends on the room size, the music you’re working with and the acoustics of your room.

best studio headphones

7. Studio headphones
You need headphones to check your mixes, and to listen to backing tracks while recording.

best controller keyboards

8. Controller keyboards
Whether you’re a pianist, drummer, or not a musician, you’ll need a way to input music.

how to soundproof a music room

9. Soundproofing your music room
Find out how to keep your neighbours happy, and stop noise getting onto your recordings.

acoustic treatment for a music room

10. Acoustic treatment
The sound of your room has a huge impact on the quality of your recordings.

cables for the home recording studio

11. Cables and Stands
You’ll need a selection of cables and stands to join all the equipment together

mental health for musicians

12. Online Music Production Courses
Knowing how to use your equipment is key to getting the best sound, and enhancing your creativity

music composer testing mics nad studio monitors

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